About us

Our mission

Disappointed by the quality of an average website on health & beauty topic, we decided to start our own portal. Generally speaking, such portals are very often guided by non-professionals and their contents leave a great deal to be desired.

Edi-NM from the conception is planned to be a countertype to such incongruent websites. We care to provide reliable information on health & beauty products. What is more, we publish articles with tips and solutions for staying healthy and maintaining beauty.
We advise on how to cope with burdensome conditions, indicate ways of treatment and give our feedback on different medical preparations. Our priority is to provide substantive content. We do our best to describe reliably all the products we test and to resolve doubts about their quality.

Who are we?

Portal Edi-NM gathers numerous group of freaks interested in health & beauty topic. We create international environment, in which authors come from different parts of the world and provide articles in their native languages. Every single article is signed with author’s name and his or her e-mail address as we are open for suggestions and questions. For we care to develop our portal, we expand our base of cooperating specialists.
We do not produce any of described products and our texts are due to informational reasons.
Articles found on this website do not replace doctor’s advice or any other’s specialist opinion. The company Edi-NM is not responsible for the service users decisions made on the basis of information and tools given by the portal https://www.selected-products.com/.

Some of the articles contain links to other websites. The main reason is to expand a topic with information from other external sources. Some of the links lead to producer’s websites and after visiting such pages an user decides to buy a product, we are provided with provision from a transaction – these links are known as affiliation links.
We underline that we are not responsible for contents on producers’ websites.